Catholic Schools Membership

Who is it for?

Schools membership is open to any educational establishments and school buying groups that are part of the Catholic community.

What do you get?

  1. Fantastic discounts are available on a range of products and services, including:
    • Legal services
    • Payroll services
    • Human Resources services
    • Energy: gas, oil & electricity
    • Telecommunications: mobile phones, broadband, landlines amd systems & solutions
    • Computer hardware: laptops, PCs, notebooks, iPads...
    • Printers, ink cartridges, web cams...
    • Computer software: Microsoft, Adobe, Corel Draw, Sage...
    • Photocopying and print management
    • School and office supplies
    • School furniture
    • Health and safety products
  2. Dedicated account managers
  3. Churchmarketplace’s member support

How do you register?

Simply fill in the registration form and hit submit. We then set-up your account (which can take a couple of days) and get back to you with confirmation of your username and temporary password.

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How does Churchmarketplace work?

To view products and prices, punch through from the Churchmarketplace portal to our suppliers’ websites.

Placing orders:
You can place orders via this portal or by phoning or faxing suppliers directly. If phoning or faxing, do remind the supplier you are a Churchmarketplace member.

When you register, you select whether you want to pay by invoice or card. Whichever you select, all payment is directly between you and the supplier.

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Authorisation accounts for schools:

We are able to offer ‘authorisation accounts’ in which staff can view products and prices but require authorisation from a designated purchaser. Should you require this service, do get in contact with us so that this can be arranged.

Our membership types

Churchmarketplace for Catholic schools
Schools, Nurseries, Schools, Colleges
Churchmarketplace for Catholic Organisations
Catholic organisations. Parishes, Agencies, Charities, Religious orders, Diocesan offices, Societies
Churchmarketplace for Personal use
Personal use: Sign up if the organisation you are linked to is registered