Becoming a member

All Catholic organisations in England and Wales are automatically members of Churchmarketplace. Joining the Churchmarketplace community as a subscriber is quick and simple and costs you nothing. Read below for more information.

 The benefits of being a Churchmarketplace member

  • Benefit from consistently lower prices, and high quality products and services from a range of selected suppliers.
  • Save time searching for trusted suppliers as we’ve done all the hard work for you.
  • Help smaller charities, parishes and schools in the Church community achieve cost savings.
  • Choose the products and services you need through the secure Churchmarketplace portal.
  • Support our religious communities.
  • Promote and recommend business that have proven themselves as suppliers to the Church.


Who can become a member?

Any Catholic group, be it a school, parish, charity, society, chaplaincy, agency, diocesan office, are automatically members of Churchmarketplace.

Churchmarketplace offers two different membership types:

  1. Catholic schools - open to all Catholic educational establishments
  2. Catholic organisations - open to all other Catholic groups: parishes, charities, religious orders, agencies, diocesan offices.

Either click here or on the pods below to find out more about the different membership types and which is right for you.

How do I become a member?

Step 1: After selecting the right membership type for you, you will need to complete our short online subscription form.

  • Complete the organisation’s details
  • Complete your details
  • Agree to the terms & conditions, and submit your request

Step 2: We will then process your request and verify your details and the organisation's. Once complete, we will open accounts with the Churchmarket place Official Suppliers on your behalf.

Step 3: Between 2-5 days after you submit  your request, you will receive a welcome email from Churchmarketplace with your username and temporary password. Please login and change the password within 5 days of receipt.

Step 4: You login to your Churchmarketplace account, verify your details and reset your password. You are now a fully activated subscriber and can browse and purchase products from your Churchmarketplace suppliers.

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Our membership types

Churchmarketplace for Catholic schools
Schools, Nurseries, Schools, Colleges
Churchmarketplace for Catholic Organisations
Catholic organisations. Parishes, Agencies, Charities, Religious orders, Diocesan offices, Societies