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More Background

 The Situation

There are over 5 million Catholics in the UK served by 23 dioceses in England and Wales, and 8 in Scotland. The 3000 parishes, 250 religious houses and over 2000 schools across the country collectively purchase millions of pounds worth of goods and services for their day-to-day operational needs.

The Issue

Dioceses, parishes, religious houses and schools approach suppliers with limited buying power or leverage to get better deals or service. So although we may be 'one Church', most suppliers do not see us that way and instead see hundreds of individual customers.

The Implication

As a result, the Catholic community and its many organisations, spend more money than necessary, which could be used to help support our mission in other ways.

The Need

In order to change this and introduce a new and more effective way to do business with suppliers, the Catholic Church needs to be positioned and presented as 'one market, one customer'.

The Solution

Churchmarketplace has been developed to meet this need and provide a central purchasing platform where multiple suppliers offering consistently competitive pricing, service and quality, can be accessed by the Catholic community.